GFA Family Membership Form

Please complete this form in order to join the GFA as a Family Member. This membership type is designed to enable relatives of an existing GFA Member to be part of the gliding community and to participate in a range of activities. GFA insurances apply as with any member. It also provides some flying privileges.


There are two types of Family member:

  1. Family Membership: This GFA membership is FREE. You will be included in the GFA community and can participate in normal gliding operations and social activities. You will receive occasional communications of interest to family members. You will be able to fly as a private passenger (without handling the controls) at any time. You are not required to join a gliding club, however you will need to say which gliding club you are most associated with, and this will usually be the club that your sponsoring member flies at.  No voting rights with GFA. This membership does not expire.

  2. Flying Family Membership: Benefits as above, but you are also entitled to receive flight instruction with an instructor. This annual membership has a small charge, and you must also join a gliding club. You will not be able to fly solo or act as Pilot In-Command. No voting rights with GFA.

With either type of membership, you will be able to upgrade your membership at any time to a full membership so that you can complete flying training and fully participate in the sport.


Please be as complete and accurate as possible when completing the form so that we can contact you easily and have all the necessary information.


Before making application, please read the Terms and Conditions of membership HERE.

Format YYYY-MM-DD. The date you first intend to fly with GFA

Membership Type


Family Membership 0
Flying Family Membership 60

Choose the Membership Type which suits you best
For Family Members, this is the club you are most associated with - you are not required to join any club
This must be a valid GFA membership number, the number part only

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions applicable to your membership.

Then, check the box below to signify that you have read, understood and agreed.

 Applicable documents relating to Terms and Conditions of membership can be found  HERE



Payment is only required for Flying Family memberships.  For Family memberships no payment is required.

After you have completed the form and clicked the Submit Application button, you will be redirected to our secure payment gateway to pay for your Flying Family Membership.

If you don't wish to proceed with this membership application, you can just close your browser window or navigate away from this page.

Thank you for your interest in the sport of Soaring.

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