Glider Pilot Certificate Application

Foreign pilots wishing to fly in-command of an Australian Registered glider and who hold an overseas ICAO Glider Pilot Licence, or EASA LAPL(S) / SPL, should use this form to convert their licence to a GFA Glider Pilot Certificate (GPC).



1.       New Zealand pilots holding a Qualified Glider Pilot (QGP) Certificate may use this form to convert their QGP certificate to a GPC.

2.       BGA pilots who hold a Bronze Endorsement plus either the Cross Country Endorsement or an FAI verified Silver distance as issued by the BGA or other National authority, are also eligible to use this form to convert their qualifications to a GPC.

3.       Foreign pilots who do not meet the above requirements will need to be assessed to the GPC syllabus by their Australian CFI for the issue of a GPC.

4.       The GPC is only valid while the holder remains a flying member of the Gliding Federation of Australia.

 When you submit this form it will be sent to the GFA's Executive Manager, Operations who will assess it and then advise the GFA Office to issue the certificate.


You will also receive an email confirming approval of your GPC that you can use pending receipt of your GPC card.


There is currently no cost for the issue of a GPC.

Please allow some time for the process to take place, and check with the GFA Office if it is delayed.

If this form does not work, or you have additional documents to send, you can email all necessary information direct to Christopher Thorpe, GFA Executive Manager Operations, at

Note: ALL fields on this form must be completed, including the photo and document upload.</p

Please provide a Passport style photo meeting the normal standards for a passport photo.  The image needs to be clear and accurate, but does not have to be a high resolution image.

Please attach a Passport Style photo in one of jpg-jpeg-png-gif-pdf formats.
Please scan your Pilot Licence (jpg-jpeg-png-gif-pdf)
Optional comments if required

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